Version 0.4.2
fixed auto-hide
Version 0.4.1
memory optimization
Version 0.4.0
fixed history in Firefox 2.0.0.*
Version 0.3.0
initial public release

YubNub Command Line

This command line interface gives one constant access to the YubNub interface. A toolbar will appear in the lower portion of your browser offering you four distinct visual styles of your choice, an auto-hide feature, and a command history.

The extension adds a toolbar to the bottom of the Firefox browser window that allows direct access to YubNub, a social command line for the web. For more information about YubNub and how to use it, I suggest visiting their website. As for my extension, it provides many features the existing methods of using YubNub do not. The first new feature is the four skins I've provided to change the look and feel of the command line. Second, a traditional history function has been provided. Anyone familiar with the most common command lines will feel comfortable with up and down arrow history access. Finally, I've included an auto-hide feature to let the toolbar minimize itself if you should prefer that sort of thing. To access the menu of the toolbar, click on the snail icon.

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